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Out of our love for Taido came the inspiration to build a game! Taido is a Japanese martial art that emphasises movement, creativity, development and having fun.

What makes this game unique is the control system, which resembles Taido's "Sotai" system of movement. The result is a mobile game with a fun combat system and exceptionally rich fighting mechanics.

This 100% free game allows users to explore the controls and mechanics of Taido Warrior.
First develop your skills with target practice, and unlock new moves! You can keep playing after you've unlocked all new moves to compete with other players for the high score.

By now you should be ready for Fight mode: where you must survive as long as you can against hordes of enemies. Getting good at Fight mode? Try one of the challenges to really test your skills!

Do you have what it takes to become a master Taidoka?

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