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Like Tower Defense games? Then you will love Dojo Defense!

A virus is causing all worker robots to behave like zombies. Defend your Dojo from the zombie-robot-apocalypse!

For some reason, their only weakness is a well executed Taido technique.
As the Sensei of the Dojo, it is your job to instruct your Taido students how to fight the zombie-robots. Teach them well, for they are society's last hope!

After you have cleared all the levels, try to get a High Score in Survival mode. And if you ever get bored, try the challenges!


Out of our love for Taido came the inspiration to build a game! Taido is a Japanese martial art that emphasises movement, creativity, development and having fun.

What makes this game unique is the control system, which resembles Taido's "Sotai" system of movement. The result is a mobile game with a fun combat system and exceptionally rich fighting mechanics.

Do you have what it takes to become a master Taidoka?

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