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Out of our love for Taido came the inspiration to build a game! Taido is a Japanese martial art that emphasises movement, creativity, development and having fun.

What makes this game unique is the control system, which resembles Taido's "Sotai" system of movement:
Un: jumping attacks, Sen: spinning attacks, Hen: dodging attacks, Nen: horizontal attacks, Ten: tumbling attacks.

If you reach the goal of 5000 points, take a screenshot and post it on to win 2 free Taido Warrior games (Jissen and Dojo Defense)!
More information:

Keyboard Controls:

  • Move: arrow buttons
  • "Sotai" movement: space
  • Quick attack: up arrow
  • Strong attack: down arrow
  • Special attack: end or right shift
  • 1,2,3,4,5: change "Sotai" for different moves

xbox 360 controls:

  • Move: left stick
  • "Sotai" movement: A button
  • Special attack: B button
  • Strong attack: X button
  • Quick attack: Y button
  • Triggers & shoulder buttons: change "Sotai" for different moves

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